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partnership with Akademie Schloss Solitude.

In 2009 POGON established partnership with German institution Akademie Schloss Solitude and became a member of the Eastern European Network, exchange program of the Akademie Schloss Solitude for young artists in the extended European Union and already selected Solitude fellows. Program consists of two 3-months residency per year in Stuttgart an Zagreb. Program started in 2010, when ASS hosted Croatian artist Zvonimir Marčić, while POGON hosted USA artist Lan Tuazon. In 2011 we continued with an exchange when ASS hosted Croatian artist Iva Marčetić, and in 2012 Pogon hosted German artist Sybille Neumeyer, while Croatian artist Ana Sladetić was on residency in Solitude. In 2013 Ursula Achternkamp is in residence in Zagreb, while at the same time Vesna Vuković is spending three months in Solitude.


Lan Tuazon i Zvonimir Marčić: Treći objekt / The Third Object (exhibition)


Sybille Neumeyer: the odd and the even, Pogon Jedinstvo, 14/02/2012 and past presence, present absence – urban aspects, Pogon Jedinstvo, 01/02/2013

neumeyer_sybille_oddneumeyer_sybille_island of evenneumeyer_sybille_interior 03neumeyer_sybille_interior 02neumeyer_sybille_interior 01neumeyer_sybille_fabric of time 1neumeyer_sybille_fabric of time 2neumeyer_sybille_fabric of time 3neumeyer_sybille_reflection1neumeyer_sybille_reflection2neumeyer_sybille_reflection_views_neumeyer_void formation 2s_neumyer_void formation 1