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Sybille Neumeyer

Sybille Neumeyer is a Communication Designer with a high interest in research through art and design, also in nature sciences and science history. The creating of knowledge through images, visual practices and interventions is a scientific as well as an artistic approach. In her MA thesis she wrote about different case studies in science history to show how sciences deal with visual methods, documentation practices, images, optical instruments etc and how scientists embed the visual analyses, materials or evidences in their argumentation or in the process of creating new knowledge. In a more artistic and poetical reflection she uses scientific methods and texts as an inspiration for visual experiments. The 2009 founded »laboratory of form research and fantasy« shows in its first publication a variety of experiments and a reflection on explorative processes in visual practise. She likes to work with material processes and models as an explorative practise. Also she uses this visual methodology as one connection point between art and science. Further, she is interested in dealing with a space, the city and urban life. 2008 she took part in an interdisciplinary project to create some temporary spaces in empty shops.

As a part of Pogon’s Artist-in-residency program, Neumeyer stays in Zagreb from 18th of November 2012 to 15th of February 2013.

Photos from the exhibition the odd and the even, Pogon Jedinstvo, 14/02/2012 and past presence, present absence – urban aspects, Pogon Jedinstvo, 01/02/2013.

neumeyer_sybille_oddneumeyer_sybille_island of evenneumeyer_sybille_interior 03neumeyer_sybille_interior 02neumeyer_sybille_interior 01neumeyer_sybille_fabric of time 1neumeyer_sybille_fabric of time 2neumeyer_sybille_fabric of time 3neumeyer_sybille_reflection1neumeyer_sybille_reflection2neumeyer_sybille_reflection_views_neumeyer_void formation 2s_neumyer_void formation 1